"Breaking news, Mississippi creates new form of Drug addiction treatment"
Reported from Calognita Mississippi with - reporter Buster inmeihemen.
We asked Doctor Buntsanutsie about this new treatment. -Buster, So Dr Bunt can you explain this new treatment and how it works? Dr Bunt, yes I can its to treat the severe drug called theybieness and Liberal pussy as well as weak bitch democrat insanity and I am a fucking sheep and mentally fucking off wasting disease. - Buster, how is the cure administered and how does it very from each affliction we have heard of these terrible addictions. Dr what is the symptoms of these addictions and disorders?- Dr Bunt, well Buster the main symptoms are stupid repetitive bullshit about how the world owes you everything as well as being confused whether you are a male or female and even worse non stop complaining about it either way. And worse using made up words such as mansplanning its the same as the term uslessbitchiedeology you know when bitches think they know every fucking thing? but only its not a punk ass bitch or a nosy ass bitch it pertains instead to literally men only because bitches come in all sexes and races.  - Buster, omg how can we stop this insanity? - Dr Bunt, well the treatment is very easy buster for this addiction we like to call pathetic weak theybie pussies syndrome addiction, would you like to see the treatment? - Buster, yes doctor immediately I need to feel safe from these depraved individuals show me the cure! -Dr Bunt, " Slaps the shit out of buster begins kicking him in the face yelling act like a bitch get treated like a bitch" - " Buster screaming stop in the background" Dr Bunt, see it works amazing isnt it? - Buster, ' REMAINS SILENT' Dr Bunt, see why wont you talk? - Buster, you will hit me again! - Dr Bunt, exactly act like a bitch get beat shitless like a whore in church who confesses but only her pimp is in the same church world of difference than sweating like a whore in church. This approach is hands on fully and it works. - Buster, yes I fully agree,
The cure or treatment was banned 5 minutes later and the doctor was arrested....... sad day in Calognita today. We may have lost the cure for this debilitating disorder... "Buster was arrested to we need to bail him out of prison donate to our Paypal to get our reporter out of the Jail if you love this fucked up satire site donate to our Paypal at mrfriday13thspecial@gmail.com on paypal." until were back wether your a baby or theybie keep the humor twisted and the profanity high as fuck!!! 

A new self help method unveiled Interview with Dr, Kurrat 5 steps of process, Not to be confused "Explicitly" with Program.

An Amazing Analysis shows how to retrain your thought process to mind your own Business and to even learn self respect, Today me sat down with DR, Kurat to learn this new method.
Interview conducted by Nathan Furnamore,  For Explore the united states.com

Nathan F, So Doctor Kurat tell us about the new method you have developed and how it is successful and how it can apply in every day situations?

Dr, Kurat, Yes the new method is a 5 step process.

Nathan F, A five step process or do you mean program?

Dr Kurat, No its a Process I will apply it right now If you would like?

Nathan F, Yes of course I would love to see how it works I am very interested In this type of work so your an Pseudo Psychologist correct? Meaning unlicensed and you go against social norms so we have heard. Is this correct?

Dr Kurat, To answer in short 
1. Shut your fucking mouth assuming shit do you know me mother fucker?

 2. Can you keep your nose out of my personal god damn business for instance I heard you sucked a man off behind a dumpster for crack cocaine when you where in your 20's but I didn't bring that shit up did I? you little bitch ass fucking pathetic sniffling dumb cunt. 

3. I didn't have a problem I don't create them I solve them I am thinking of stabbing you or shooting you and even if I didn't have a weapon using my surroundings to mangle you such as slamming your face multiple times into the table in front of us. 

4. I cant remember the exact point of when I asked for your god damn opinion or when I directly told you I gave a fuck about what you liked did I? I cant say I fucking did you pathetic mother fucker!

5. Nathan you contacted me so here is the method unless I asked you a single fucking thing about your god damn opinion I didn't give a fuck to hear it so stay out of my business or you will get hurt or worse. See its a hell of a process isn't it? 
such as the idea I had was busting your front teeth out into this fucking table possible repeating until your lower jaw detached completely from your maxillary upper jaw.  

This process can make anyone mind theyre business, This was Just an example of course of what I was thinking thought how ever infact theyre was many ways I wanted to do it I just never said anything out loud. 

Nathan do you realize the key parts was I said I never said it out loud? 

So I will now ask you a question if i never said it out loud you would of never known what i was thinking or contemplating would you of?

 I can answer the answer is easily no. So a better question is would you like to know more about how to mind your own business and how to be successful at it? I mean I can make it a program in 5 steps I promise after this you will always be able to mind your business this method is beyond accurate - Maybe not political but I hate fucking politics anyways they cant mind there god damn business Just like you always spying on us you and your worthless ass I can help you nathan I can help you mind your own business literally for free If you would like I can demo it right now?

Nathan F, No sir I don't want to participate in the process or in the program even if it was free...... - " weeping occurring"

Dr Kurat, So I will ask another question you seem to be kind of silent and not talkative very much. I think it worked Nathan Furnimore, I think your cured already and I didn't even have to go to the 2nd part of the process. So Nathan can you explained how it worked on you and what did you learn about the process?

Nathan F, Yes sir I will mind my own business I will answer the second by saying I am scarred....

Dr,Kurrat, Congratulations Nathan you now have successfully completed the Process give your self a round of applause.

Nathan F, - " Crying now hard clapping hands in fear"-" symbolic gesture to get him out of the interview room."

- Security walks in, Dr, kurrat stands up walks out peacefully without speaking a word,-" Nathan F urinated on self". Security, So sir are you okay? 

Nathan f, Did I fucking ask you a fucking word what the fuck does it look like?

 Security," My god it works"  Security, I be damned Nathan your cured you never could mind your own damn business nor could we ours!! I feel cured and complete and whole.

Thank you to the Craigs list Dr, Kurrat!

- Disclaimer sometimes due to severe budget cuts we honestly interview people from Craig's list they may or may not be real Doctors we don't check credentials.