Creator's of hot sauce creates a new sex toy see what all the heat is about.

Reported by Nathan furnamore, Today in Mississippi the creators of the local hot sauce Flaming fire tongue as well as the other popular sauce Back hand your preacher with a fist of furry. They also are the Co founders of the candy called Fire tootsies, The company is however stepping up the're game. Now they have created the newest sex toy it currently is the Hottest thing on the market claims the CEO Buford Polora. We made a trip down south to see this personally  ourselves.  We sat down with Mr Polora and he unveiled this new sex toy in his own words " It currently is the hottest thing on the market" It is a self melting slow dissolving  miniature dildo the size of a tampon, However this should never be used during a period at anytime. Mr Polora has also explicitly stated this isn't at all evaluated by the FDA, It's a use at your own risk product to buy it you must sign a waiver against death or severe personal harm and render all lawsuits away from the Flaming Fire Tongue corp. We asked if we could see it and he brought out the miniature device they haven't yet been sold in any other state. They will not go into mass production for another week so we were told but after looking at it I believe it will personally keep people up north warm this season for sure. It Inserts into the vagina or rectum It is made of a extract of the Carolina reaper pepper, It is mixed with Glycerin and they have a Vegan coconut oil all natural one as well. Its Method of action is spontaneously on fire intense after inserted the extracts are known to cause excruciating pain and pleasure until one passes out be it five minutes or two days or possibly until after the morgue this is why the waiver must be signed Mr Polora explained to Us. When inserted it last 3 hours on an normal average vaginal canal and 30 minutes anally, We usually only have one order from each costumer be it if it is an individual money is pouring in and we are growing as a company Mr polora explained. I was shut down verbally when I asked was there any side effects called in to the company. He simply answered on the back it has the phone number to poison control and that the company is known for its extremely discrete shipping, Mr Polora said they don't even put an return address on the packages as they go out. He said we are the company that truly has the hottest product right now people are damn near killing themselves just to order it for valentines day single people as well. We have the fire down below the hottest sex toy ever invented explained Mr polora. He said imagine hot sauce but eating it with your asshole, I refuted that I honestly couldn't personally imagine that he said to our female reporter Mrs Kentenschi that its like having extremely spicy lips after eating crawfish but just down under and Much hotter. Mr polora said they are working on a even newer product for vaginal lips and it will be sold as a kit and also separate from this product. It's to be marketed under the name of FFT clitpshtik it will be able to go external as well as on the clitoris and has a cooling anti burning feature. We conducted a survey on the new product live on our twitter when we broke this news no one yet has had the balls to try this product. We also personally turned it down. We have lost the contact with Mr polora as well withing just the last 3 days of conducting the interview he has changed his phone number and the company phone isn't listed anymore the location of Flaming Fire Tongue LLC Mississippi is unknown now. -'We also heard that theyre was multiple church protesters against this product as well shortly after we left.'